YouTube has been a vast platform to watch a variety of videos and enjoy them. Downloading videos from YouTube was not a direct option. Although, after a while, the choice given is. It was instead an option to save it as a playlist on the YouTube app itself. Downloading YouTube videos to your device gallery was not an option for long. Due to this came specific other options where these YouTube videos were downloadable to your device and can view this at any time from your device without the need for mobile data or Wi-Fi. There are specific methods to do this, and one way is to type “ss” in front of the YouTube video URL, and then direct you to another webpage called From here, the video quality you prefer downloading, and viewing enabled. Twitch VOD downloader is one such platform you will see in this article.

About Twitch VOD downloader

Twitch Vod downloader

After this particular website, many other websites arose and have been on act since. A lot of sites allow the download of YouTube videos. Since the arrival of these websites and also many apps to download videos used nowadays. Many other videos from various other platforms and sites downloading is also possible. The downloading of specific videos from certain websites still may be prohibited. Due to particular privacy settings but can always be retained.

One such video downloader website service is the “Twitch VOD downloader.” Before moving on to the introduction about “Twitch,” we look at what VOD means.

What does VOD mean?

VOD stands for “video on demand.” Video on demand is a specific type of technology that aids the user to enjoy videos on the stop. From wherever they are. In the early days or preferably before this technology development. A TV broadcasting channel only could deliver videos using specific bandwidths. That was not necessary and all. Videos will not be readily available if not for the video-on-demand technology.

If you enjoy movies or songs in your flight, that is because of the advancement of video-on-demand technology. Twitch vod downloader is used commonly for these video downloads.

Introduction “Twitch”

Twitch Vod downloader

The “Twitch initially produced twitch video on demand downloader. Tv” live streaming service. This website was a part of the Justin. Tv enterprise.  Then was eventually formed into the Twitch. Tv live video streaming purpose. This Twitch. Tv live video streaming service is also known to be a subsidiary of Amazon company.

Although it was a part of, it was made into another platform to focus mainly on video gaming live streaming. Video gaming has been of great interest nowadays, and therefore the winning and the action of winning or instead just being in the video game would likely be recorded by the users to enjoy later or to develop their skills alternatively to perform better. is, therefore, basically is used to download video gaming experience (as in the already finished game), as a live video or as a video on demand.

Directly from, download is not applicable. Therefore that is where the “twitch video on demand” downloader(also known as the twitch vod downloader) comes into play. There are many ways to download these videos from the twitch vod downloader.

How to download twitch vod downloader?

Twitch Vod downloader

Initially, you can install the twitch vod downloader to your computer device as well. Let it be windows or OS; this particular video downloader service installation is easy.

To download the twitch vod downloader(also known as twitch vod downloader) on to your computer (windows based), to go to google play or Microsoft office store and search for the twitch video on demand downloader app and download.

Other than the downloading of the twitch vod downloader to your computer, or used from the google chrome in the website form as well without any hassle.

How to download videos from Twitch video on demand downloader?

Twitch Vod downloader

The first method to download videos from Twitch vod downloader

Twitch video on demand website also does streaming of certain video games, and there are members, and users can view their game streaming and other broadcasts.

1.    Initially, go to the Twitch vod downloader, and if you have an account, do make sure you have been logged into your account.

2.    If you do not have an account, create an account as by this method you are going to download from the main website directly.

3.    After you have logged in, you will see a drop menu next to your account. Open the drop menu, which will be present in the top-right corner, and then click on the “settings.”

4.    Look for the tab or option that says “channel and videos” click that, and that will then direct you to the “Channel settings.”

5.    Once you reach the channel settings and click the automatic archive, my broadcast option will appear and then enable it.

Steps to download videos after saving it on twitch vod downloader

Twitch Vod downloader

  1.    Once the above step is done all the streaming videos will be automatically saved to the Twitch profile you are using and will be saved as video on demand.
  2.   Now since all of your videos are saved as video on demands it can now be downloaded. Open the drop menu as mentioned before and select the “Video producer” option.
  3.   You will then be directed to a section on your Twitch account, where you will find a library of all the videos you have streamed and saved.  In that section, there will be an option that reads “Past broadcast” click that.
  4. From under each video on demand in the library of videos you will see a “Download” select that and the video will start to download.

The second method to download videos from Twitch VOD downloader

Twitch Vod downloader

Search for the twitch video you want and the video that you would like to download. Copy the URL of that video. Here is an example of the URL of the twitch video that should appear, //

1.    Enter the copied URL link of the twitch video you want to download, into the “download” button.

2.    After entering the URL link of the twitch video, select for the video quality that you want your video to be downloaded in.

3.    After you have selected the quality of the twitch video you would like to download. Click the “download video” button and this will start the download of the twitch video you wanted.

Steps to download streaming videos of other users

Twitch Vod downloader

All of these steps are to download your own twitch streaming videos, you can also download streaming videos of other users. This can be done by using a twitch leecher website. A website quite similar to twitch vod downloader

1.    Go to the directed link as given to download the Twitch leecher that is available in the latest version.

2.    Install the twitch leecher software and install it into your computer and open up the twitch leecher and launch it.

3.    Once you open the twitch leecher tab, click the “search” button and from the top-right part of the window.

4.    In the options click the “URLs” tab that appears, and then paste the URL of the twitch video you wanted to download.

5.    The format of the twitch video URL should as have mentioned before.

6.    After entering the URL of the video link, the system will search for the particular video and display the video.

7.    Under the twitch video on demand, you will see a “download” option, click that.

8.    After you click to download a range of video quality will be shown, select which video quality you want, and select the name you want to save the video as and the location.

9.    When all of the steps are completed click the “download” button and the twitch video on demand will be downloaded to your PC.


As mentioned, mostly only the downloading of gaming is done and no other type of videos is done usually. Although any video from the main website can be downloaded as per the above instructions as the twitch video on demand downloader can be used to download the live streaming videos and the videos on demand from the twitch vod downloader.

Using the above-mentioned steps you can download the desired twitch live streaming or video on demands of the video gaming events you prefer to store for later enjoyment or to use as a source to develop your own gaming skills. Also to mention, although was a part of the, and videos from cannot be downloaded from the Twitch video on demand download options or from the twitch leecher software either.


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