Who is a spiritual advisor?

A spiritual advisor is someone who is really connected to religion. This does not mean that they are someone like a priest or a nun. They are there to guide you in your spiritual journey (as they call it) and they are very much connected to god. And tend to know a lot about god and to connect you with god.

A spiritual leader does not have to be a registered person. To help you with your spiritual guide. There are professional spiritual advisors. Yet if the cause is to get help on your spiritual journey, even a friend or mentor can do it. You may find a professional spiritual leader in the daily church you go to. Or in the religious club, you go to. It is important you choose someone properly as. Your mindset can be affected by the comments or speech they give as well.

Spiritual advisors

You might have certain worries or depression as such. You might not want to go to a psychologist then your option could be a spiritual advisor. They can help you in bringing your mind state to a stable condition. Although you should know that if you feel like there is a serious psychological issue. You should consult a professional psychologist and not a spiritual advisor.

 A spiritual advisor is not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. And therefore will not help you in psychological illnesses. They might sometimes convince you they could cure your illness, but you should be sensible enough to know your health over your mental state.

You can always find a spiritual leader in a church or any religious groups you are in, or your friends are in. It is very important that you should find a spiritual leader who understands god and as connected as you are.

What do spiritual advisors do?

A spiritual guide can guide you, in many things such as anxiety problems. If you are experiencing any issues such as anxiety, a spiritual leader will talk you through the problem. A spiritual leader will help you connect with God.  Suggest some prayer activities and will make you a little relieved about your situation. This might help for some people and might not help for some.

 It all depends on how well you are connected to god as much as your spiritual leader is connected to god. Making one thing clear, if you have severe anxiety problems, and if you are not that connected to god, you better consult a doctor instead of making your situation worse.

A spiritual advisor can also help you in relationships. If you are suffering from a recent breakup and cannot concentrate on your day to day work better consult one of them.

Spiritual advisors

 A spiritual guide will help you divert your mind from your breakup and concentrate on prayers. A spiritual advisor will talk to you about God and always suggest prayer activities that will help you understand that there is more to life than the pain you are going through.

A spiritual guide also can just simply guide you in your spiritual direction to god. They will guide in your prayers, how often to pray how much you should concentrate on what you do. They will talk to you about god, what are things you should avoid, and should do when you are praying. A spiritual advisor will guide you in how your daily life should be and how well you can maintain your mindset by doing prayers.

Difference between a psychic and a spiritual advisor

Spiritual advisors

People often tend to confuse a spiritual leader and a psychic. A psychic is a person, again not a professional in any way. A psychic is a person who will use “extrasensory perception” and they will tell how your future would change and why it would change. They sometimes even claim to know when your death date will be and how you will die. They claim to know this because they have extra visionary powers, and thus believe to know things about your life.

 A psychic in any way does not talk about god. But rather would ask you questions and do their “predictions”. Based on your answers to the tricky questions they ask. It was believed that even more than spiritual guides the psychics were much more important to the royal families in the early days. As they believed the psychics could predict the future, whereas a spiritual guide does not predict the future but does simply guide you about your future.

Things you need to know about spiritual advisors

spritual advisor

1.Selfless and kind

  spiritual leaders are often very helpful and very kind. They are very selfless and would be ready to help you and listen to you at the time possible. They do not care about the material things in life. Yes, some guides may charge you for a session because of course, they have to survive. They usually charge less (at least a good one does), they do not care about any luxury life, they are not very materialistic.

2.Spiritual love

 They believe in spiritual love and therefore are very abundant in spiritual love. Even if you do not tend to believe in any of this, they will yet give you love because that is just how they are. They believe in eternal spiritual love.

3.Connected to god

spritual advisors

 They are believed to have a good connection with God, and therefore very devotional to god as well. Since they are very much connected to god, some people may look at them as priests or nuns but they do not portray themselves like that at all.


  They are very truthful, and thus do deceive people by telling them lies. They do not give false information about god or anything at all for that matter. They usually remain very truthful in all things and are therefore very trustworthy as well.

5.Believe in  God

 They are very much connected to god and therefore, they will believe in God more than anything else. They do believe that God is the reason for everything.

6.Not priests or nuns

Spiritual advisors

 A spiritual leader does not necessarily live in a church like a nun or a priest but would attend the church or a religious meeting often. They are not considered to be priests or a nun.

 They are often very religious and would visit the church often. Unless otherwise they also lead a normal life, they could be even doing other usual jobs just like others do.

To believe them or not

To believe in a spiritual leader is totally up to you, but if you need help in recovering yourself from something mentally or if you feel like you need to connect to god properly a spiritual advisor would be the best solution.

 Some people do not believe in a spiritual advisor, but some tend to attend or consult a spiritual advisor every week. It all depends on how your views are towards god and how well you are connected to god.

Can spiritual guidance be available on your mobile phone?

It is not necessarily where a person is guiding you, but it rather an experience where you will be guided.

An app named “Headspace: Meditation & sleep” is used by many people who want spiritual guidance.

This app can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes.

spritual advisor


This article gives a general idea about who spiritual leaders are. If you are really in need of help for your peace of mind. It is highly recommended you receive a consultation first. After treatment and consultation, you can visit a spiritual leader. A spiritual leader will help you in keeping you calm.

If you are in confusion about a certain situation, a spiritual leader would guide you. Do remember that these people do not provide complete solutions to your problems. They merely only guide you to what they think is correct.

Spiritual advisors

There are certain apps as well as stated above you can seek help from them. Since these spiritual talks can affect your mindset. Please make sure if you can handle this stuff. As once in you cannot revive a mental state you enter immediately. Make sure therefore you choose a good spirit guide in your case of distress.

I hope this article helps you in finding out the difference between the psychics and the spiritual leaders. Be wise in choosing the correct person for the situation you are in. choosing the wrong person to guide you on your life can be bad. Be mindful and wise in your spiritual journey.


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