Are you looking for food with low sodium content? If bread is your favorite food and you are looking for information about bread with low sodium content, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find out why low sodium in food is essential, how high sodium could affect your body, and how low sodium bread made at home is also possible.


Sodium is an alkali metal element which is essential to our diet. However, it can be dangerous if sodium levels are higher. Some foods with higher sodium content are salt (sodium chloride), fast foods, canned foods, sauces, milk, and celery. Even water contains a level of sodium. Bread with low sodium content can be a great source of healthy eating.


Low sodium bread

Bread is a typical food all around the world. Most people eat bread during breakfast and sometimes for dinner. Bread has high energy and carbohydrates.Therefore, the sodium content in bread also should be maintained so as not to cause any health issues. Bread can be of different types, and the sodium content can change variables according to the kind of bread. 

The correct amount of sodium that you should consume

It is terrible for the health to consume high sodium food. Frequently table salt used at home has around 40% of sodium in total, and therefore there will be approximately 2300mg(milligrams) of sodium in a teaspoon of salt.

Adults that have an ongoing condition of heart failure, kidney disease, and liver cirrhosis patients advised taking only 1500mg of sodium intake only. An average healthy adult can consume around 2300mg of sodium in their diet. Although a specific amount of sodium intake is not sure for infants and children, an approximate amount recommended by the doctor is preferable. Infants can consume about 120mg to 370mg. Children from 1 to 8 years can consume around 1000 to 1200mg.

Why high sodium containing bread can be bad

Low sodium bread

You may think why bread consideration for the sodium level is essential. It was announced by the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) in 2012 February that bread is the highest amount of salt-containing food and also topped the list. This indicates that there is also a higher amount of sodium, as there is 40% of sodium in just one teaspoon of salt.

In the diet, the sodium content usually comes from the amount of salt you add, and therefore it is the same with the bread. The amount of sodium content is how much salt is present in it. As stated by the CDC, since bread has the highest amount of salt, it does have a higher amount of sodium.

Therefore, if talking about, we could be directly referring to the sodium content here. Before looking at why high sodium levels could be harmful, we have to know what sodium can do. Sodium is essential and can, in a way, control the blood volume and blood pressure of a human. For muscles and nerves to work correctly, also sodium is needed by the body.

Kidney problems

Low sodium bread

People who have prolonged kidney diseases should not consume such high sodium content bread, because people who already have kidney diseases will already have a damaged kidney.

When a kidney is damaged, it cannot remove the excess sodium. Therefore, if a person consumes even more sodium, it could also be a severe problem, since the sodium levels can affect blood pressure and eventually damage the kidneys.

High blood pressure

Low sodium bread

The second reason is that if there are high sodium levels, you could develop high blood pressure. A survey revealed that almost a majority of people who had a higher sodium excretion in their urine have also had higher blood pressure levels.

It is a remedy that low-sodium diets are recommended for high blood pressure patients, as a low sodium diet is known to reduce blood pressure. Choosing low sodium bread brands can help fight this dietary issue.

Heart diseases

Low sodium bread

The third reason is that high sodium bread is terrible for people with heart failure and those who have compromised heart conditions. Since the heart does not function properly, it can cause kidney issues and eventually cause a decline in the kidney functions and result in higher sodium retention. This higher retention of sodium can cause significant complications and heart problems and shortness of breath.

4 benefits in eating low sodium bread

1.  The leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease since high sodium levels could increase the problems of heart failure. Since bread is a major component of our diet at times, buying low sodium bread brands is the best option.

2. Low sodium bread would reduce the risk of stroke. Higher salt-intake could result in hypertension, which in turn will be the cause of a stroke.

Therefore, by eating low sodium bread brands, you can reduce the salt intake and therefore reduce the risk of stroke. Even if you are recovering from a stroke, these can be included in the diet as then, therefore, a low salt intake will occur.

Low sodium bread

3. The most important thing is that  these types of low sodium bread brands can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. You may think high blood pressure is not a big deal.

Out of all the most higher risk factors is the high blood pressure because kidney diseases, heart failures and stroke can occur if high blood pressure is left untreated. Therefore, it is recommended that low sodium bread brands are good and essential to reduce and control high blood pressure.

4. Low sodium bread can reduce or prevent the risk of diabetes. If the sodium intake of a person increases, that in turn will increase the leptin levels in the blood and eventually resulting in hypertrophy of fat cells, which will then result in increased insulin resistance. 

Different brands that produce low sodium bread brands

Low sodium bread

1. Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole-Grain bread (

2. Vermont Bread Company Sodium-Free-Whole-Wheat Bread(

3.  Alvarado Street Bakery Sprouted Multi-Grain Bread(

4. Shiloh Farms Organic, Sprouted, Salt-Free, Seven Grain Bread(

5. Food for Life Gluten-Free Rice Pecan Bread(

6. Ener-G Foods Brown Rice Loaf(

7. Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Organic, Low- Sodium Sprouted Grain Bread (

8. Dimpflmeier Bakery Organic Unsalted 100% Rye Bread(

9. Angelic Bake house No-Added-Sodium, Sprouted 7-Grain Bread(

If you are not used to online buying, do not worry you can make low sodium bread at home easily. Follow this link to see how to make them at home;


To live a happy life, the most important thing we should do is to be healthy and therefore to be healthy we should eat healthily. You might wonder how just bread can make a difference. Truth is yes bread alone cannot make a difference. If you are following a diet plan, the use of these types of breads are helpful.

After all, bread usage is pretty common for breakfast and dinner . So it is one of the most widely used food. Since we consume it a lot it becomes a main part of the diet. Therefore if we can make the main component of our diet healthy it is better! A healthy life can be achieved only if we start to eat healthy and look after ourselves properly.

I hope these low sodium bread brands can bring a change in your lifestyle. These bread brands should also bring a change in your eating habits as well! Most of these low sodium brands can be ordered online. Most of the brands listed above can be ordered from amazon. Check for the expiry date always before ordering. Request for it if possible.

If not on online stores you can always look for the manufacturers. Some of them have their own outlets. From their own flagship stores you can purchase bread then and there. Some of these brands have items in supermarkets as well,so ask for low sodium bread.Eat wise and healthy for a happy and healthy life!


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