Tinder is basically an app for online dating. This dating app was launched in around 2012(yes pretty much early), so not long since this app has been launched. You might think online dating is useless and might not work at all. Guess what? Some people who have met on tinder have even been married.

 Some of them who got married by meeting on tinder are happy couples now. So shoot your shot today, work your magic and find your partner! Before that now let’s look at some things to work on for your first conversation. Why is the first conversation important? Well as the saying goes the first impression is the best, therefore, make sure you make a very good impression and impress your possible future soulmate.Here some tips for you to follow on how to start a conversation on tinder.

How does tinder work?

How tinder works are pretty simple and anyone can easily figure out the information and how to work around with the app. You will have to create an account for yourself. Yes, this is somewhat like a matrimonial website but hey, at least your parents are here creating your account. Since it is you who is going to make your profile, make sure it looks interesting.

a conversation on tinder

 Make sure you buy the best picture of you, as this picture is what a person will first see and the information about you. So be very good at choosing these two. As I said, the first impression is the best, so make a good one.

 If the person who is viewing these profiles likes your information and your profile picture. They will swipe and it will show that you and the person who swiped, you have matched. Then after this, both of you can send each other messages and get to know about each other more.

The tips to start a conversation on tinder

a conversation on tinder

Photo appreciation

When starting your conversation try to start with an appreciation, maybe your tinder match has a nice picture he/she took, so start the conversation by saying the picture looks and their photography skills are good. A compliment once in a while is much better and gives the other person a better an impression on you. You can then follow through with a question and develop the conversation.

Some examples on how to start a conversation on tinder; Based on this tip;

1.Hey! Saw your really cool sunrise pic. Where was that pic taken by the way?

2.Some of your halloween costumes are great! What other great costumes have tried?

3.You have a really cute cat! She is as photogenic as you.

2.Simple questions

 Start with a simple question or just a hi. You may think okay why not comment on their pictures or a direct question, maybe this tinder match of yours is an introvert and does not have much going on in their profile. Since they do not have a lot of information on their profile, it is actually good as you can ask about something and then develop a conversation from there onward.

Some examples on how to start a conversation on tinder; Based on this tip;

1. Hey, great day isn’t it?

2. A sunny day isn’t it?

3. Hey! How has the day been treating you so far?

4. Looks like it is about to rain , what songs do you like

3.Subtle flirting

a conversation on tinder

 After all, it is tinder an online dating app. It is not real life you are not face to face with them so it is totally fine to flirt. Better it be a good flirty line. Be mindful and use a cute flirty line nothing too weird. As to scare off your possible first tinder date.

Just a small flirtatious tease is fine. And does not make things too awkward between both of you. Maybe get a hint from the profile of your tinder match, if they have a flirty line in their profile bio then there is no harm in you using a little bit of your flirting skills as well.

Some examples on how to start a conversation on tinder; Based on this tip;

1. You sure do have the cutest smile I’ve seen.

2. A Lot of travel pictures I see, would you like to go on an adventure with me?

3. Hey, I was really hoping we would match and wanted to talk!

4. Casual conversation

 Ask a random question as if you are trying to start up a casual conversation. You can also start with a casual comment. About something they have posted. If your tinder match has a funny quote or a movie quote, it is in favour of you. Then you can look up what movie that quote is from.  Start talking about that movie. Just use a random question that is also funny and start off funny about a movie. About something they like to be cheeky.

 You can make a comment about their favourite TV show if they have included that in their bio.Some examples on how to start a conversation on tinder; Based on this tip

1.Hey! Your school name seems familiar,might know some friends there!

2.Seems like you like Brooklyn 99, watched season seven yet?

3.A harry potter fan? I solemnly swear im upto no good

4.Oh you liked a walk to remember? Classic Nicholas Sparks huh

5.Talk what about what they like

a conversation on tinder

Make sure what your tinder match likes the most, and start off by talking about that. If you are really in a situation where you want them to talk. Might as well say you like the stuff they like too.

 There is no harm in lying to make a good first impression. There is always time to research about it later and then match up with the lie.Some examples on how to start a conversation on tinder; Based on this tip;

1.Did you watch the recent marvel movie?

2.Gotta totally love the All blacks though!

3.Looks like you like cricket! Thoughts on how the world cup went.

4.Sam Smith is just great yeah? Listened to his new song yet?

6. On how to start a conversation on tinder be on point first

Do not brag and try to be all poetic in the first text itself. Since this is going to be a starter of the conversation.  Be on point and make sure you say something simple but something that will also make them want to reply to you right away.

 Do not write a whole paragraph or a mini-story in your first text and be creepy. Start with a simple text not too long and be on point and clear most importantly do not be creepy with your poems on the first text itself.

7. Puns and pickup lines are great on how to start a conversation on tinder

Everyone enjoys a pun at any time, it is a great conversation starter. Open with a pun, yes sometimes it might be lame.  Hey at least they will want to see who this dork is. They might find you sweet and funny if you use a pun.

 If you can come up with a pun from their name even better. This shows you actually put effort into talking to them.  It shows you are truly interested in talking to them.

a conversation on tinder

Pickup as stupid as they can get. The better and funnier it will make the conversation. Might as well start with a pickup line. You might even end up with a date. Pickup lines are great conversation starters.

Some examples on how to start a conversation on tinder; Based on this tip;

1.Well I’m here what are your two other wishes?

2.I must be a snowflake. I have fallen for you.

3.Are you a painting? Because you are a fine work of art

4.If you were a fruit you would be a fine apple!

8.Staying clear off their name is a tip on how to start a conversation on tinder.

You are going to have your first conversation.So it is much better that you do not use their name immediately. In the first text itself. You should never just start with their name directly.

 Since your tinder match is going to see this text they might feel uncomfortable. Your tinder match might think you are dominant and serious. Not casual about texting them. So it is better you do not creep out your tinder match. By saying their name in the first text itself.


Given above are some simple tips on how to start a conversation on tinder. Some examples are given as well. Conversations are not easy to start,once started are difficult to end.

Go have your best time on tinder! By using these tips on how to start a conversation on tinder.


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