In this article, you are about to read about the best socks for sweaty feet. You will find out why your feet get sweaty and how you reduce it or avoid it. Having sweaty feet and now wearing appropriate socks to go with can be a little frustrating. Therefore, go through this article and find your match!

There are various types of socks, and identifying the best brand that suits is vital for your comfort. Choosing the wrong kind of socks can be bad for your feet and can cause skin rashes and other forms of discomfort.

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

Why do feet get sweaty?

We sweat from many parts of our body, and we think that the feet do not sweat a lot like the other places of our organization. Sweat glands produce sweat; therefore, the sweat glands more the amount of sweat produced. Interestingly, our feet have the highest number of sweat glands than any other part of our boy. This factor is why when you remove your shoes and socks after a long day, they usually stink bad.

Overactive sweat glands can produce too much sweat, and thus they will cause excessive perspiration. If your feet are stressed too much also too much sweat will be produced.

The best types of socks for sweaty feet

1. Farm to Feet Greensboro Multisport Socks (Sizes S-L)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

A sock that is cool in summer and warm in winter would prevent the sweat in your feet by maintaining the humidity around the area. The best socks of this type would be the “Marino wool pair.” These socks are also itch-free; therefore, you can wear it comfortably without any distress. Made in a way that they reduce blisters, so, consequently, you can wear it for a long time. Moreover, the best is these socks minimize the amount of sweat that gets trapped in your socks. Therefore your socks would not be smelly after a long day.

2. BrainSox No-Show Antibacterial Socks and these are also the best socks for sweaty feet (Sizes S-L)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

Bacteria cause the bad odor of sweat, so here is a type of socks to stop the bacteria from getting to your feet! This is a pair of socks infused with bacteria-fighting copper. They were made very thin, and therefore very comfortable and not too tricky to wear. This sock even can keep the bottom grid proper by having a non-slip, and this keeps your feet comfortable.

 3. Bambu Premium Bamboo Socks (Sizes S-M)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

Have you heard of bamboo infused socks? Well, here it is. These bamboo socks will utilize the bamboo and thus will have anti-microbial properties and will keep away the sweat-wicking qualities and will keep your feet fresh. You can wear these socks comfortably as they are very stretchy.

4. Smartwool Hike Crew Socks that are the best socks for sweaty feet (Sizes S-L)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

This type of sock made from “real Marino wool,” these are known as the “Smartwool Hike crew socks,” because of this type of wool, there is much better air around your feet. Since there is a lot of air surrounding, there will be proper moisture, and therefore there will be less sweat. This type of socks will keep away bacteria that caused odor as well.

5. Under Armour Essential Twist No Show Socks

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

This type of sock treated with an ArmOur block, and this technology will help to stop sweating and bacterial growth on your feet. A plus point is they come in various colors as well. This will be a trendy choice indeed!

6. Yhao Bamboo Casual Ankle Socks that are best socks for sweaty feet (sizes M-XL)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

There is another type of bamboo infused socks as well, this sock is exceptionally lightweight, and therefore these are very comfortable to wear. Plus, these are ankle socks so that it could be causally worn.

7. New Balance Athletic Socks that are best socks for sweaty feet (Sizes 6-12)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

Athletes! If you are searching for a type of socks for your needs, fear not here is your kind of socks, that prevents the sweating. These socks will prevent bacteria from residing in your socks. Therefore no bad odor will be there. These socks also have small mesh panels; therefore, these socks will be airy. Since these socks have good moisture-wicking qualities, this will help prevent sweating.

8. Cotton No-Show Boat Socks that are best socks for sweaty feet (Sizes 6-12)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

Cotton socks are the most comfortable they say well here they are! These socks are the best to absorb moisture and thus allow airflow. They have a lovely lace design (pretty casual sock time indeed). These worn with ballet shoes and even sneakers.

9. Eurosocks Snow Skiing Socks that are best socks for sweaty feet (Sizes S-L)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

These socks infused with silver drysat abilities. This worn usually during winter times; these socks keep you warm. Most importantly, prevent sweating because these socks keep your feet dry, and therefore the sweating is less.

10.Nike Dri-Fit Lightweight Socks (Sizes S-M)

10 best socks for  sweaty feet!

We looked at wintertime socks, and these socks are worn during summer. They are made to fit a Dri-Fit design and therefore, will wick sweat away much efficiently from your feet. This sock made from 100% sweat and, therefore, will be comfortable to wear.

Tips to keep your feet from sweating and infection

Always make sure you clean your feet properly before and after wearing, as bacteria can be present. Any bacteria that are residing in your feet for a long time can cause unnecessary sweating and will also produce a bad odor.

Always use antifungal powders and creams to prevent any fungal diseases that may occur. Try applying antiperspirant, to avoid sweating, applying perspirant will temporarily block your sweat glands and therefore, will reduce the sweating. Do not worry these will only block the sweat glands temporarily and therefore it would not be a problem. It is better if you apply this before wearing the sock then the sweating would not be an issue.


I hope these types of socks have been helpful! Choose your footwear wisely as well, because the sock and the footwear should be compatible to wear. If those two are not compatible it would be uncomfortable to wear the socks.Since some of these socks come in different colors.

The best socks for sweaty feet can also be worn on various occasions.


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