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CQAtest and 5 methods to save your phone from it!


In this modern world, mobile phones control everything, from banking to even ordering food that is directly delivered home—all of the most straightforward tasks are now managed in our mobile phones. The ease of having apps controls these tasks. In this article, we will discuss what is CQAtest app and CQA test in your phone.

Apps are specific software that is already available on your phone or downloaded quickly. There are apps for many purposes, such as gaming, photo editing, education, and so on.Individual apps are present on your phone readily, and some apps downloaded quickly on to your phone as per your needs

Apps are downloaded easily from the app store from your phone. For the iPhone, as per your requirement to download apps, apple store can be used, and for android based phones, the google play store can be used to download new apps. The cqatest is something done to mainly check the quality of the phone. To see how well it is functioning. Keep on reading this article to find out what is cqatest app.

What is cqatest app (certified quality auditor) ?

You came on to this article to find answers for the question, what is cqatest app. CQA means a Certified Quality Auditor. For the question of what is cqatest app, the answer is that it just allows quality auditing on your mobile phone.

Certified Quality Auditor is basically testing the standards and principles that are involved with auditing. By this it is possible to detect the strengths and weaknesses in the quality control of a production medium. And this detection can be done by using certain evaluation and detection techniques.

So what is cqatest app and cqa test does on your mobile phone. Most probably, your phone’s manufacturer might have already installed this in your phone. It is used to test and monitor quality control. It is therefore basically a quality monitoring app. Usually, before selling a phone, they do a cqa test on the phone. Cqatest app also does a cqatest.

Most of the time, the information about this app is not disclosed to the user. You can remove or uninstall this app if you don’t want it in your phone. Since this cqatest (certified quality auditor) app is a system app sometimes uninstalling it might not work and that might become a problem during storage issues. This app therefore sometimes cannot be uninstalled but can be force stopped or disabled by certain settings.

How to know if a CQA test app is already present in your phone?

As mentioned before, since this a system app it sometimes would not appear on your mobile phone under the main menu or in the collection of apps. Chances are not even in the system files “downloaded apps” section because the manufacturer might have installed the app and therefore would not be visible that evidently.This cqatest (certified quality auditor) app may although be present in the system apps area or even if you search for all apps it may appear.

Below given is an image of how the cqatest app may appear in android phone:

Marked in red is how the app would appear in the home board of your mobile phone’s apps section.Certainly, this cqatest and cqa test app (certified quality auditor) may cause issues if your mobile phone has any system issues or as per the quality evaluation something has gone wrong and that has been detected. The cqa test app (certified quality auditor) is hidden but if there is any persisting problem then the app may appear which normally should not take place. Therefore, if the cqa test app (certified quality auditor) appears it indicates that there may be a problem with your mobile phone that needs to be resolved.

But if the cqa test app (certified quality auditor) appears in your phone certain problems may also arise disturbing the normal functions of your phone or unnecessary notifications and alerts may pop-up ending up in discomfort in using your mobile phone.

Problems due to cqa test app and cqatest

Certain problems that may arise are due to cqatest and cqa test app are as following;

Solutions for problems due to cqa test app and cqatest (certified quality auditor)

There are solutions for these problems due to the cqatest as they can be resolved or the cqatest app can be removed or disabled completely to avoid and stop these problems.Before doing a factory reset or before trying to resolve the problem it is advisable to create a backup of everything in your phone as factory resetting or disabling the certified quality auditor test app may cause problems and may even delete the already present files due to already present factory settings.

To create a backup of the files and documents present in your mobile phone, if permitted connect your mobile phone to a USB drive by using an OTG cable and connect to a computer and transfer all data and thus you will have a backup file of all the data and documents of your mobile phone and the SD card of your phone.

Apart from that, there are folders and software options to store all the data such as google drive, Dropbox and cloud storage in windows, and so on. Transfer all the data and documents or upload them to one of these cloud storage and then proceed to do the app solutions.

The method used to reset the device:

The first method:

The second method:

The third method:

The fourth method:

The fifth method:

Overall the cqatest and cqa test app may not be that harmful

Overall the cqatest and cqa test app may not be that harmful, as it is just a background app and it usually would not cause any problem unless otherwise there is a problem with your mobile phone. If the certified quality auditor test appears in your app menu, then that indicates there is a problem.

If there is a problem in your phone the cqa test app starts to act immediately, therefore, be mindful of the changes that may occur. This can be stopped if needed even before it may happen. Go to settings and find the certified quality auditor app in the apps management section and search for the clear cache option and then restart your mobile phone.

The cqa test app can be downloaded or appear on your laptop as well not only on your mobile device. If any problems like in your mobile phone appear on your laptop you should clear cache and try formatting your laptop. Yet again taking a backup of the data before formatting is important.

These apps such as the cqatest ( certified quality auditor test app) are usually present in most of the android devices and mostly seen or have caused problems and malfunctioning in the Motorola range of phones.

As these apps are system apps and sometimes you cannot uninstall them and it can be a problem. Since they are system apps and are already present even before the purchase they are merely installed to see the functionality of the phone and not to retrieve information from the user, although some users do think that the presence of this may affect the user’s mobile phone and may be used to retrieve personal updates.As this system app may not uninstall and may remain all along because it is important in the maintenance of the functionality of the mobile phone.


In this article, you will find out about what is cqatest app and many information about cqatest as well. It is a test to check if all the apps on your phone are working well.

You will also have understood what are the problems caused by this cqa test app (certified quality auditor). Certain functional problems with your phone might have arisen. Such as screen launcher problems and some of the apps not working.

In this article, you will find about the different solutions for your cqa test app problems and also what is cqatest app. Solutions are easy and almost can be done by yourself. You do not need the help of anyone else to fix your phone.

There are five different methods merely solutions given to protect your phone. You can try any one of these methods. Each method is mainly just to reset your device. By resetting you can protect your phone. When resetting makes sure you retrieve your data. Make sure you have all of your data stored somewhere. 

Resetting mainly solves the issues caused by the cqatest app(certified quality auditor). A cqa test app(certified quality auditor), will sometimes control your phone without your consent.

You do not need to worry about having a (certified quality auditor test app) cqatest app on your phone at times. Since it is a system app, a manufacturer would deliberately install that.

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