When we get into a relationship, we often want a happy ending. During the first few stages of a relationship, it is always right, and we always tend to look at it as a fairytale. Since we tend to look at it like a fairytale what we also hope is for a “happily ever after”. Although sometimes there is no happily ever after moments.

Breakups are familiar, I would not say just these days it is like that. Breakups have been there all along, and you probably had one too?That is why here you are looking at what are the signs your ex will eventually come back to you. Before looking into that, identify if this breakup actually hit hard on you and if you want to know if you want your ex back in your life.

The feeling of a breakup

As I said before, since we always imagine everything would go well when you experience a breakup, it hits pretty hard on you. As we all know but what we fail to understand is that life is not a fairytale after all is it? But first, let us see if you are feeling the common feelings a person who has gone through a breakup faces.

When you had someone to love and had someone to show you what love is, a sudden cut off in that feeling can be painful. You definitely might not feel the best right after a breakup. There can be sure signs that show you may not be feeling yourself lately right after a breakup. Many people may go into long-term depression after going through a breakup. In most cases, people do not tend to understand what they are going through, and therefore, just let it go. By not giving attention to how you are feeling, you always tend to put yourself into more trouble.

 your ex will eventually come back

Although how bad a breakup is, there are cases that the couple get back together. Are you suspecting that your ex wants to get back to you? Keep reading the article to find out 9 interesting signs your ex will eventually come back.

Emotions you go through during a breakup.

Forgetting the memories you had together the times you spent together is not easy, but you can come out of it if you try. Depending on how bad your breakup was or the final argument was your feelings towards this relationship change. If you are here reading about the signs your ex will eventually come back to you, then you are not looking to move on yet. Moving on from a relationship you looked forward to so much, is not easy.

These are some of the emotions you might usually experience right after a breakup;

·         You might feel angry, sad, anxious, and heartbroken all on the same day.

·         Someday, it will just not be your day as you will be sad and empty.

·         You would have depression.

·         Depression during times of a breakup is sometimes referred to as situational depression.

·         You might be hopeless, and you might feel like you might never find love again.

·         You might be feeling like eating a lot at once or might not eat at all.

·         You might continuously feel worthless about yourself.

·         You will tend to feel fatigued.

·         You will feel like you don’t have the energy to continue the day.

·         If someone left you, you might feel low self-esteem.

·         You might have issues sleeping that is you either never sleep, or you sleep all day.

·         You are continually feeling distressed.

The stages of emotions you encounter after a breakup.

You are often in denial. This is common in people who are going through breakups. You often deny even things about yourself. If you are the person who has been left off from the relationship and have not moved on, you feel this way. Also though your partner has left the link. You remain in denial that his relationship is not over. You tend to use this feeling of rejection as a coping mechanism. To overcome the truth of the end of a relationship.

You start to feel angry with your partner. You tend to think possibly what mistake did you do for he/she to leave you in distress. You feel bitter towards your ex for promising not to leave you in any circumstance.  Yet still he/she left you alone. During these waves, the feeling of anger is when you tend to go towards violence.

 your ex will eventually come back

Right after the wave of anger you had, you sometimes tend to go back to your ex and try bargaining. You bargain hoping you can get back together with them. This is often just a spot of thought because of the anger you feel. You feel the need to want them, and you might even go to the lengths of threatening them.

Possibly the last stage is the best stage although you think it is not. The last stage is to accept the truth without any denial. To understand that he/she is your ex now and you should move on. It may be hard to move and not think of your ex, but overall it is all, in the end, doing good to yourself.

How to cope with these emotions

Go out with your friends more

Right after a breakup,  you will mostly just stay at home or avoid outings with your friends. You almost might not even go out to see if the sun has risen. It is fine that feeling tends to be there, but you can overcome that.Go out more and get involved in parties. Every party invites you to get from your friends, do not hesitate to say yes. If your ex is not wanting to go out like you. This can be signs your ex will eventually come back.

Have a healthy lifestyle

From the depression and lack of less self-care, your body might be a wreck which also means your mind is not in place either. Get up early for a few minutes right after waking up. Eat healthily, throw out all that ice cream tubs; you ate while watching rom-coms like a hopeless romantic.

 Eat healthy food and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. A healthy eating habit also means a healthy mind. Exercise more and get busy with that you will eventually feel like exercise over ex within no time!

Reconnect with your old friends

Talk to your old friends. Talk to friends who could not hangout during the depression period you were going through. They gave you the space you needed yet always checked upon you, giving them the love they need. Show your gratitude to your friends by hanging out with them more. You don’t have to go out, but just a call or text would be of great help too. No feeling is better than some friends, wine and a good movie.

9 signs that your ex will eventually come back to you.

1.   You ended the relationship on good terms.

The main sign your ex will eventually come back is that you ended the relationship on good terms.

The very first hope of your ex coming back to you is that your relationship was overall a good one with fewer fights. Since both of you were happy all along and might have broken up. Because of some other reason, that has nothing to do with your relationship.

There is a chance that your he/she might miss the good times you both had and would want to reconcile it. You might have broken up on good terms, that is it did not end with a big fight. So it almost does not even feel like a breakup but more like you are in a break (like from Ross and Rachel from “friends” look how they got back together eventually).

2. When your ex is curious about you.

If your ex is constantly curious about how your life is after your breakup. This is one of the signs your ex will eventually come back. If they do this, it might also mean that the breakup was for you to understand how much they mean to you. They want you to feel it by yourself.

 Your ex might hold onto your friends and might keep checking up on how you are coping up with the breakup and how you have been after the breakup. Your ex might always keep close contact with mutual friends. Try to get all your day to day activities.

 You might think this behavior is crazy, but if a person does not genuinely care about you, they would not be checking up on you. If your ex never wants to come back to you. They would cut all ties with you even with some of the mutual friends. Since they didn’t do that these are signs your ex will eventually come back.

 Instead, if your ex keeps coming back to you. is curious about how your life is, how you are doing, those are indicating signs that your ex will eventually come back to you.

3.  You both start talking again

This is a one of the great signs your ex will eventually come back to you, because otherwise why would your ex still want to talk to you. Of course, this also might just mean your ex wants to “just be friends”, but let us just look at the positive side now shall we? This sign is great as even if they just want to be friends, you could work your charm and make them yours again!

You have to note how they are talking if they talk to you the same way they did when you were in a relationship that is great. If they still use the nicknames they used to call you before, even better! Especially if your ex initiates a conversation that is one of the major signs your ex will eventually come back to you.

But if this happens, be sure not to mess things up. If you rush things and try to force them into talking to you, they might lose interest in talking to you, so keep it casual.

4. Your ex wants to spend time with you

If your ex wants to spend time with you, it is one of the other main signs your ex will eventually come back.

This is a great sign, as if your ex wants to completely stay away from you they would do anything to stay away. If your ex wants to meet you, this means your ex probably is missing you and just wants to hang out as friends to be subtle.

 your ex will eventually come back

Do remember it all started off with a movie date or a simple coffee date, so it is possible it could work again. Pro-tip to definitely use this sign would be taking your ex to the place you both first met.

 Take your ex to the place they like the most, by doing so you are rekindling the good memories you both had. Nothing works in mending a relationship like the good memories you both had. This one of the most important signs your ex will eventually come back.

5. Your ex does not date anyone new.

If it has been months and your ex has not dated anyone yet, this could be a sign he/she has not moved on. You probably want you to identify this and know that he/she has not moved on yet. Yes, this sometimes also means you might have to make the first move again and see if there is a possible chance.

 You might feel uncomfortable doing this, but anything for love remembers? If your ex has not moved on, and cannot forget you, he/she would not want to date anyone new. If they have not moved on, you might as well just jump in to save your relationship, go to the rescue of your loved one. This is one of the signs your ex will eventually come back to you.

6. If they are dating someone just like you

You might think I am trying to defend my point above, but look! If your ex is dating someone who looks more like you or who has qualities just like this is a great sign. This means your ex still misses you, but as they cannot directly come to your, they find an alternative. You might as well appear in front of them and make them realize you are right here and he/she does not need a duplicate.

 Your ex probably wants to fill your space and therefore will do this. As this will give them a temporary feeling of you being with them, although it isn’t you, it is someone more like you.

7. They keep the memories of the relationship

If your ex has not returned most of your things, or if your ex’s things are still at your place. This is a sign your ex cannot give in to possibly forget you and move on. Chances are they look at all of those memories and fill in your space or the void of not being with you with the materialistic memories they have.

 This is when you surprise them and let them know that you are there too. If your ex still has things like your first movie date ticket, little gifts you both exchanged, this is one of the signs your ex might eventually come back to you.

8. Your ex drunk texts you

This is one of the most important and sure signs your ex will eventually come back.You might think this a nuisance, but this is the best. When they are drunk and do not recognize their own self if they remember you, this is one of the signs that your ex will eventually come back to you.

9. They keep talking about your relationship

If they keep talking about your relationship memories, this is also one of the main signs your ex will eventually come back to you. If your ex keeps on talking about how good the days were this is a great sign that they might eventually come back to you someday.

 If they keep talking about these memories, it means they have not moved on yet and probably want to reconcile these memories. This is also one of the great signs your ex will eventually come back to you.


In this article, you can find out about the signs your ex will eventually come back. Some of these signs may bring you a ray of hope. To be honest not always your ex will come back to you. You have to put in your effort as well. If your ex initiates a conversation with you, talk.

The more you distance yourself from your ex, the more they will too. For some of these signs stated you have to give in too. If you do not allow yourself to get back, compromise will not happen. You should let go of your ego. If you are expecting your ex back again, get rid of your ego. Having past grudges is not when you should check this article!

This article is all about finding hope your ex will come back. Do look for these signs your ex will eventually come back. By looking for these signs you will respond accordingly. Always remember if you do not give space the other will not want to either.


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